UVLens – A weather app that tells you if you are at risk of sun burn.

A screenout of UVLens showing a clock displaying times and UV Rating scale.

UVLens is a new app that has been released to help you getting sunburnt. You input your location and it gives you a forecast of the UV rating in your area and based on your skin type.
This is a seriously useful app for anyone who likes to be out in the sun but is worried about taking too much of it.

The app has been developed by a small team in New Zealand who regularly found themselves getting burnt due to the climate and the country’s position in the world. First launched as a wearable UV sensor that you would wear, they have now developed the app to work as a standalone device. It uses satellite data and ground sensors across the world that measure the UV levels and gives a recording of the location you are currently in with the results ranging from Low UV to Extreme UV for each hour of the day. It then tells you how long you should be out in the sun unprotected and gives you recommendations to cover up by various means such as wearing sunglasses, applying suncream and also wearing a hat.

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The app’s mission is to provide people with accurate and practical information for people to safely enjoy the sun.

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The app can be downloaded from the App Store. Or you can use the website directly.