The LICKI Brush – The hygenic way to lick your cat

Ever come home and say, I would love to lick my cat?  Now you can do in a hygienic and safe way and you won’t choke on any furballs too. Meet the LICKI brush, a device you attach to your tongue so you can go licking like crazy.

The LICKI brush is currently on project funding site Kickstarter where it has already received its funding with 1,462 confident in the project’s success.

Although this may be seen as some sort of novelty gift there are actual important considerations to take into account. Cats see licking as a form of social integration and bonding and there is even evidence to suggest that cats see humans as a sort of big cat who is in control. Therefore licking could be seen as a way a human bonds with their cat.

Well that was the weirdest thing I have written about in my whole life. Check out the LICKI Brush on it’s Kickstarter page. The project is expected to launch in January 2017.