Talking Tom App (Android)

Anyone who has kids knows that one of the must have apps is Talking Tom but the problem is which Talking Tom do you go for? The app has spawned into a huge series and now features some amazing spinoff games which you can play! Here we run through 5 of the best games from Outfit7, the makers, and explain why each one is amazing and which you should get.

My Talking Tom
The absolute classic. Who does not enjoy this game? The number 1 most downloaded game in 135 countries. That is quite impressive. You are given the task of helping Tom grow up from a kitten into a cat and it is your job to name him, exercise him, feed him and much more.

My Talking Angela
Talking Angela is a great game to play and one that is mainly targeted towards girls who love all things about fashion, hairstyles, makeup and more. Your job is to look after Angela and make her look and feel fantastic. Are you ready to adopt her?

Talking Ben the Dog
To understand how to ply Talking Ben the Dog you have to understand his life. He is a retired chemistry teacher who now likes a quiet life. You know… eating, drinking and reading the newspaper. You have to get his attention to get him to play with you and if you do he will teach you all about chemistry which is impressive.

Talking Tom Bubble Shooter
A different take on the normal style of Talking Tom games, Bubble Shooter is slightly different. The aim of the game is that there are millions of bubbles and you have to shoot them down and complete each level. You do this with your favorite Talking Tom and his gang of friends. You can even play against your friends online.

My Talking Hank
One of my new favorites, My Talking Hank! Hank is a cute little puppy who has just entered this world and he needs a lot of help. He is from Hawaii and wants to go on a massive adventure. Are you ready for him? Make sure you look after him well though!