Kodi for Android



So if you haven’t heard the news by now, then you must hear about Kodi. Put simply it is a media player where you can add add-ons and really pimp out your devices. It’s your new entertainment hub and comes highly recommended after winning many awards. But want to know the best news? It’s free, 100% free and is also open source. Kodi is available for Android powered deices as a specially made app has been made for it. So you can easily head over to the Google Play Store and get access. What is also neat is that someone has created a Kodi functioning remote for Android too so you can use your mobile to control any Kodi connected devices.

It’s like a set top box you would put on the top of your TV but works with many devices including mobile phones, desktop computers, tablets and it’s all streamlined. Kodi even recently announced the introduction of the software soon coming to Xbox One.


The second best thing after it being free are the amount of add-ons available to use on the site. These are created by third-parties and not by Kodi themselves. From here you can stream awesome movies, stream TV shows, and even listen to music from some of the best artists.

Speaking from a technical point of view, you can throw almost any type of format of audio or visual at Kodi and it will play it well without issues. Instead of streaming, you can also load up media from any harddrives you have access to. Kodi will also try it’s best to find cover images, descriptions, actor/musician information where possible too.