InstantApp – An app that gives you analytics for your life.

Now here is a pretty interesting app! It is called Instant and claims that it is “Your Life On a Dashboard”. It works by tracking your phone and measuring your phone usage in a number of ways. It gives some basic phone statistics like how often you used your phone during the day and including what apps you used but more interestingly it gives useful data such as how much you slept and how much fitness you got. It also tracks to which locations you want to and how long you stayed there. You can really now see if you are spending 18 hours in the office each day now.

The data on its own means very little but with the in built coach system you can get some fantastic insights and can for example warn you if you are sleeping a lot less than normally. Or if your fitness has decreased recently.

The app works in the background and tracks your phone and apps everyday to gather data.

Instant can be downloaded from the App Store or from Google Play Store.