Download Photo Apps

Snapseed is an app that has been developed and made by the folks over at Google. With the app you can editor pictures and photos in some amazingly smart ways. It is packed full of features but retains user friendliness without over complicating things. For any photography enthusiasts it is important to try out Snapseed and see what you think about it. You will end up being pleasantly surprised.

Enlight is a fan favorite for many photography enthusiasts. Easy to use and also fun, it makes editing really easy. The app has been superbly designed allowing you to do basic changes all the way up to advanced edits to get creative masterpieces. Praised and loved by many critics and reviewers, this is a must try if you are getting started in the world of photography. Give it a go and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Many users who have Superimpose have been using this app for years and stick by it. They love it and always have done. It offers a range of basic features that allow you to modify and edit your images directly in-app. Some users however complain that the Android version lacks the functionality of the iPhone version so some users maybe missing out on this.

A new photo editing app with a twist, say “hello” to Prisma. You add an image into the app and then you are able to add a different filter to each one. Sounds kind of basic right? Many apps do that already… Wrong. Prisma allows you to add incredible filters that transform your images into beautiful artwork based on well known styles such as Picasso. It has only been launched this year but has already been used millions of times and even by famous celebrities and politicians.

Adobe Photoshop Express
Adobe Photoshop Express is an app developed by Adobe, the makers of Photoshop, the desktop software that is by far the industry leading standard. However when you want to edit a photo on your phone using an app you don’t want to complicate things. You have the basics of photoshop but with easy to use functionality.