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Although SoundCloud doesn’t have mainstream artists and musicians on the site it does have some amazing alternative music that you won’t find on the other streaming websites. Soundcoud is basically a place where anyone, literally anybody can upload their own music. As a result you get some pretty cool tunes that are uploaded and shared onto the site. It’s the perfect place for an up and coming musician to share their tracks without having to sign for a record label.

There is no music streaming article out there on the web that doesn’t include Spotify. One of the first streaming services out there which has grown and grown and has become one of the most popular choices. Spotify has an incredible amount of tracks, is available in 50+ languages and has amazing social sharing features.

Shazam in one form or another has been around for ages and was originally launched in 1999, well before the world of Smartphone apps had been developed. Shazam’s service is pretty incredible. If you are out and about and hear a song you like on the radio or in a bar, you load up the Shazam app which will scan the tune and identify the exact song it is. It then provides links to other music services where you can listen or buy the song in question.

Amazon Prime Music
Amazon have been growing so much recently that if you think of the site as just a shopping website, it would be a big mistake. They now offer a music streaming service which you can get with a Prime membership. The problem is that you cannot get music service outside of Prime, you have to signup for the overall package but that costs $99 a year which is actually cheaper than other music streaming services plus you get all the other benefits of the Prime membership.

Released to great hype not so long ago by Jay Z and Beyonce. Tidal however faced early criticism by saying #TIDALfoALL despite being a paid service. What is very neat about the app is that it offers lossless quality streaming. For the average user this means absolutely nothing but for musicians and true music enthusiasts this could mean all the difference. Another feature other users might enjoy is that the service offers exclusive content including videos of well known artists such as Rihanna who release certain content just for the service. Tidal doesn’t strike us as being one of the best but it’s certainly got some features that are worth checking out.