The best health and fitness apps to keep your body in top shape.

1) Seven – 7 Minute workout.

I am a personal user of the 7 Minute Workout and could not be more happy with how it works. What I love most are the notifications each day to remind you to workout and not get lazy. The app boasts that to use it, all you need is a chair, a wall and your own bodyweight which allows you to do a daily physical workout that will improve your well-being. With the pro version you are able to get access to more workouts such as muscle fitness and more.

2) Daily Burn

Daily Burn is an app by a company named Better Fit and focuses on Pilates, yoga and more. There are 500 workouts to choose from and suggests the best to you after taking an assessment test to see which one suits you best. What is really cool is that everyday there is a new workout which they record each day. Each one is made for beginners to watch and learn from.

3) Fitbit

The Fitbit is a wristband you wear on your wrist and connect with an app. It tracks your movements and displays important information to you to see how you can exercise, eat, sleep. People call it the 21st-century pedometer.

4) Google Fit

Normally things Google launch are pretty awesome, except of course for Google Plus. With the release of their health app, Google Fit, Google gets involed in the personal fitness industry. You setup fitness goals, monitor your progress in the hopes of being healthier. What is very impressive about this app is that it can distinguish between walking, running and biking.

5) My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is all about tracking those calories and it does an incredible job at doing it. It does it a a three-way strategy, first by knowing the food you eat, the exercise you do then a plan to help you lose that weight. You keep a journal, a diary of everything so you know where you need to improve.

6) Substitutions

Now this is a useful out the box thinking map and very simple. It’s called Substitutions and it does what it says, it offers you substitutions for things. Say you are baking a cake and it asks you to add wine, well if you don’t want to add wine then you search for a replacement and substitutions will find something for you. The same for herbs, spices, anything you maybe have an allergy to. Really useful, really simple.
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