5 tips to be healthy this Christmas and not eat too much Christmas dinner

Christmas can be a pretty stressful time for people and we know that with all the food around, we can sometimes eat a little too much more than we should.

1) Signup to the gym in December, don’t wait until January.

You want to be hitting the gym as soon as possible, preferably before Christmas. The last thing you want to do is wait to signup in January when the gym gets really busy and expensive. Signup before and it will be worth it.


2) Don’t eat too much too much at Christmas lunch.

Everyone knows how tempting it is to pile up your plate on Christmas day when you have all that food around. Well don’t be tempted to put so much on and be careful. The more you put on, the more you feel inclined to it. Take small plates of food and if you are still hungry get some more. It is important to know when you feel full.


3) Go easy on the desserts.

We all know how good desserts taste but if there is going to be anything that is going to make you unhealthy then it will be the desserts. Go easy and take it slow. Don’t buy or make too many. Try fresh fruit or vegetable snacks instead.


4) Go easy on the alcohol

No matter how many Christmas parties you go to, don’t overdo the drinking. Alcohol surprisingly has a lot of calories packed into it and can help you gain a lot of weight. Take it very easy when drinking.


5) Don’t have two big meals in the same day.

Everyone should be allowed one big meal in their life once a year and for most that day is Christmas day. Make sure you don’t have two big meals in the same day. At Christmas, it can really punish you later on!