5 strange South African laws you never knew existed…

We all know and love our country but sometimes things can get a little bit bizarre and crazy.

Bear Wrestling is illegal in South Africa.

Probably a sensible law that makes a lot of sense but you have to ask in the first place, who is actually wanting to wrestle bears? Who is crazy enough to do such a thing that they actually had to make a law about this?

It is illegal to sit closer than 2 meters from a person of the opposite sex if they are wearing nothing but a swimsuit.

We are not sure why this law exists, but it does. Imagine going to the swimming pool or the beach and you can’t even sit next to a friend. It would be very, very strange.

Back in the days of apartheid, all people of colour were required to be indoors by 9PM

Anyone with a brain knows how stupid and and dumb this law was and it’s amazing that it no longer exists.

In some parts o the country, a woman is unable to open a bank account receive a loan without the permission of her husband beforehand.

In today’s world, women are just as important as men. We are all equal so it’s about time women have the same rights as men whether it is voting for politicians or doing something as boring as opening a bank account.