The 5 coolest #OldSchoolCool hipsters you will ever see.

Hipsters don’t tend to have a good image in today’s modern society. Destroying neighbourhoods due to gentrification, an attitude that goes against social norms and then going to the more serious reasons such as those tight jeans, those damn tight jeans. However being a hipster wasn’t always frowned upon, quite the contrary. Hipsters have been around for centuries and thanks to a board on Reddit called Old School Cool, users submit photos of long remembered relatives who were the original creators of the hipster look.

A great uncle from 1893.


Via Reddit / toomyfloot

Mohawks and beards were all the rage in ’86, thats 1886.


Via Reddit / Route67

A great grandpa from the 1890’s rocking the Hipster look.


Via Reddit / lobido

An old school hipster wearing headphones in London, 1922.


Via Reddit / Jidoen

Rocking the beard look.


Via Reddit / mindovermurder